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Black Point Group came into being in 2004 and consists of three companies: Black Point S.A., a producer of printing supplies; the firm Eco Service, purchasing and trading in empty cartridges; and the German company TBG, supporting the operations of Eco Service on the Western European market. Black Point Group is active on the international market and has its headquarters in Poland, at Bielany Wroc³awskie near Wroc³aw.


Black Point S.A. is the founder of Black Point Group and one of the most recognisable alternative brands in Central Europe, offering in excess of 300 product types, including toners, inks, photographic papers, fax rolls and needle printer ink ribbons. It is characterised by high quality, reliability, increased performance and a more attractive price than that for supplies offered by producers of printers. The Black Point S.A. range is available in Central Europe, in countries including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


Eco Service is one of the largest empty cartridge brokers in the world. It achieves its greatest sales successes on the European, Asian and American markets and monthly handles on average 250,000 empty cartridges. In Poland Eco Service supports environmentally-friendly and prosocial activities, undertaking collections of empty cartridges for UNICEF and jointly financing the planting of forests in the Polish mountains.


Eco Service China is the Asian branch of the global empty cartridge broker Eco Service. It was opened in Hong Kong in June '2010. The company is receiving shipments on an ongoing basis. The target stock is to reach 100 thousand units. The launch of Eco Service China is another step on Eco Service's way to strengthening the company's position on the global aftermarket.


TBG is an empty cartridge broker, in operation since 1993. Its activities are concentrated on collaboration with firms in Western Europe. Staff employed at the enterprise are salespeople specialising in the circulation of empty cartridges as well as fluent users of German and English.

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